Aqua Packs by Peach Couture for your summer adventure expeditions!!

Summer time calls for adventure! Treks and camping trips and roadtrips. And that means packing! Which calls for some sturdy baggage to keep your belongings safe from the elements when you are out and about.

So here we are! Peach Couture has stocked up on some pretty great aqua packs for your adventurous expeditions! With these light weight aqua pack on your shoulder, you will have taken care of all your belongings whenever going for an adventure. Comes in two sizes and provides ample space so you carry all your important stuff.

This aqua pack can handle extreme adventure and at the same time is a perfect fit for daily casual use. Its heavy duty and 100% water proof, thus keeps your valuables safe from rain, snow, dirt, dust, or sand. Comes with a 20-40 inch adjustable shoulder strap. Resistant to puncture and abrasion, and designed to last.

We have some fun colors for you too! Because, hey, sturdy is good, but sturdy and stylish is better, right?

We have two separate collections for kids and adults and I am sure you will love them!

Kids Aqua Packs:

Adult Aqua Packs:

Find them on our Deal of the Day page at just under $15!! Hurry while the offer lasts!


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